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8 oz Tree Trunk Hair Oil

8 oz Tree Trunk Hair Oil

Ganan Herbz Tree Trunk Hair Oil. A all natural and organic hair oil that strengthens, softens, detangles, grows, and acts as a natural conditioner. Recommended use, apply to scalp and rub through hair 2 to 3 times a week.


    Product detail. 8 ounces, of hand made light and penetrating all natural and organic hair oil, it takes 8 hours to make due to we naturally infuse the herbs into this wonderful product ourselves. The crafting process and nourishing ingredients is what makes this product special. Our customers benefit immensely in hair growth, softness, strength, and sheen without the greasy feeling of typical hair oils.



    Ganan Herbz shipping policy. Upon purchasing our products we ship expeditiously. National shipping costs is $7, international shipping cost vary depending upon location. We provide straightforward tracking numbers through USPS shipping. As a great way to build trust and reassure our customers in a secure and confident experience along with great customer service and prompt shipping.

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